List all alarms raised against the connection or connection view.
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Open the Alarms list

  1. From a web browser, open the Spotlight web site -
  2. Sign in using your Quest account. You have already signed in if you see your profile icon Account Profile in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a Sign in link then you need to sign in.
  3. Click the Monitoring tab.

Which connections do you want to show on the Alarms page? From the menu top of the Monitoring page, All indicates that the current page involves all connections. To reduce the number of connections on display, click All. From the menu that opens, select the required connection or connection group.

All connections

To show the Alarms page for the selected connections, click on the current page type (say the Heatmap). From the menu that opens, select Alarms.

From the dropdown menu select Alarms

Alarms list

Use the arrow right of the column header to sort the list of alarms ascending or descending on any column. Hover the mouse over a column header to see a filter icon; use the filter icon to filter the list of alarms. Select an alarm to show detailed information on that alarm.

List of alarms on the Alarms page

Snooze / Acknowledge alarms

Select an alarm then click to Snooze Alarm or Acknowledge Alarm.

To Acknowledge or Snooze multiple alarms, use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple alarms.

Tell me about each alarm

Information about each alarm is documented under the connection type.