Use Spotlight Mobile to monitor your Spotlight Enterprise, Spotlight on SQL Server or Spotlight on Oracle connections remotely via your mobile device.
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Get Spotlight Cloud credentials

Data collected from monitored connections is sent to Spotlight Mobile via the Spotlight Cloud.

A Spotlight Cloud account is required to use Spotlight Mobile. Create a Spotlight Cloud account if you do not already have one. Do this at the Spotlight web site.

Configure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server

For Spotlight Mobile to receive data from the Spotlight Diagnostic Server, ensure the Spotlight Cloud account configured to the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is your Spotlight Cloud account or the Spotlight Cloud account of an individual in the same Spotlight Cloud Organization as you.

In a Spotlight Enterprise deployment, use a Spotlight Client to configure uploading to the Spotlight Cloud.

Download and install Spotlight Mobile


During installation, you may be given the opportunity to decline to receive push notifications from Spotlight Enterprise. See Push notifications.

Sign in to the Spotlight Mobile app with your Spotlight Cloud account. If you have many Spotlight Cloud accounts then each can be added to Spotlight Mobile.