The Cubes grid shows information about the cubes that are currently defined on the Analysis Services server.


The name of the cube.

Database Name

The database to which the cube belongs.

Created Time

Date and time the cube was created.

Estimated Row

Estimated number of rows in the cube.

Last Processed

Date and time the cube was last processed.

Last Schema Update

Date and time the current schema object was last updated.

Processing Mode

Index and aggregation settings for cube processing.

Lazy Aggregations

Process data is available immediately after the data has been uploaded.

Regular Processing

Process data is available after all aggregations have been computed.

Processing Priority

Specify the priority for processing the measure group.

Storage Location

Default storage location of data for the cube.

Storage Mode

Default storage mode for the cube.


The state of the objects in the database.


All process-able objects in the database are processed. All major objects could be queried.

Partially processed

At least one major process-able object is not processed. Some objects may not be query-able.


None of the objects in the database are processed. Objects cannot be queried.