Spotlight has failed to connect to the SQL Server Replication environment.

Check the connection details

The SQL Server Replication connection details are entered on the Spotlight Client, SQL Server Replication | Connection Details screen.

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Connections.
  2. Right click on the SQL Server Replication connection and select Properties.
  3. Check the connection details.
  4. Click Test to test the connection.


Verify the address is a valid connect string for a distributor database in the replication environment: a server name, server instance name or IP address.


When Use Diagnostic Server credentials is selected then the account running the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is used to connect to the SQL Server Replication environment.

WMI Operability

Verify WMI is working and returns data properly. Verify TCP Port 135 is open on the Windows server host.

UDP Port 1434

If the SQL Server instance is hosted on a Windows server and UDP port 1434 is closed then the port number must be included in the address used to connect Spotlight to the SQL Server instance.

SQL Server availability

Verify the SQL Server Replication environment is available and accessible over the network.


If this alarm is raised too often or not enough for a given Replication you can configure certain parameters. See Configure Connections.