The specified alarm failed to evaluate.

To clear this alarm, go to the Alarms dialog for this connection and disable this alarm.

Alternatively, you can add a disabled severity to the ‘Monitored Server - Alarm Evaluation Failure’ key for the particular alarm that is failing.

To do either of these:

  1. Click Configure | Alarms.
  2. Select the connection where the alarm failed.
  3. Select the alarm Monitored Server - Alarm Evaluation Failure for the connection type.
  4. Select Override default setting for alarm ‘Monitored Server - Alarm Evaluation Failure’.

    Do one of the following:

    • To disable the alarm, select Disable this alarm.
    • To add a disabled severity: Click Add, from the Key value list, select the key that the alarm was raised for, with the key selected click the Severity list and select Disabled.