Data is collected from the SQL Azure connection from the following Spotlight collections.

How to configure Spotlight collections

Use a Spotlight Client to configure Spotlight collections. See Configure Scheduling

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Scheduling.
  2. Select template or connection to configure
  3. Select a collection to modify the collection schedule.

Spotlight Overview page

Sessions panel

Component Collection Name
Response Time SQL Azure - Response Time
Connections SQL Azure - Connections
Computers SQL Azure - Computers
Active SQL Azure - Sessions
Data Flows: Sessions to SQL Processes SQL Azure - Connections

SQL Processes panel

Component Collection Name
SQL Processes panel components SQL Azure - Sessions
Data Flows: SQL Processes to Data Storage SQL Azure - Sessions

Data Storage panel

Component Collection Name
Data Storage panel components SQL Azure - Database Space

Version panel

Component Collection Name
Version SQL Azure - Version

SQL Activity drilldown

Page Collection Name Notes
Sessions page SQL Azure - Session List  
Session Locks SQL Azure - Locks List Non configurable

Databases drilldown

Page Collection Name
Summary page SQL Azure - Database Space
Tables page SQL Azure - Database Tables
Indexes page SQL Azure - Database Indexes
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