Investigate SQL sessions including session details and locks.

How to open the SQL Activity drilldown

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Select the connection from the left Connections pane.
  2. Click Monitor | SQL Activity from the ribbon.
    SQL Activity drilldown for SQL Azure

About the SQL Activity drilldown

Sessions grid

The Sessions grid shows all SQL Azure sessions, each row representing a single session. Note that many applications create multiple connections to SQL Azure.

To view more details for a session, select the session on this grid. Additional pages are then displayed in the lower half of the drilldown.

To find a particular session, right-click over the grid and select Find.

SQL Statement

SQL shows the batch of SQL statements that last ran or currently running by the selected session. Select the session from the Sessions grid.

You can copy SQL text from the SQL Statement page. Right click and select the appropriate option from the shortcut menu.

Query Plan

The plan shows the query execution plan for the selected session in XML. Select the session from the Sessions grid.

Click View Plan to open the plan in SQL Server Management Studio (if installed) and view the query execution plan in graphical format

View Plan

Session Locks

Session Locks shows all locks held or requested by the selected session. Select the session from the Sessions grid.

If a lock is one on which this session is waiting, the Status column will show it as being blocked. This column also highlights locks that are blocking other sessions.