The index statistics for all indexes in the SQL Azure database.

When you first display the Indexes page, by default the top 50 indexes by size are displayed in the grid.

Columns include:


The owner of the index.


The table that the index is associated with.


The name of the index.


The type of index.

Fill Factor

A percentage specifying how much to fill each leaf level page with data. The remaining percentage reserves free space for future growth, reducing the potential for page splits.

“0” means the index was created or rebuilt using the server default.


The ID of the index.


The number of rows in the table.

Size MB

The size of the index at the time of its last statistics update, measured in megabytes.

Filter the results

You can filter the results by the following criteria:

  • Top N Indexes
  • Size or row count
  • Index name
  • Table name

To filter the results, type appropriate values into the fields above the Indexes grid (wildcards are supported) and click Apply Filter.