Data is collected from the Unix/Linux connection from the following Spotlight collections.


Alarm Collection Name
Blocked Processes Alarm Processors
CPU Usage Alarm Processors
File System Space Alarm Filesystem_Space
Memory - Physical Memory Available Alarm TotalRAM
Most Active Disk Alarm Disk_Activity
Network Errors In Alarm Network
Network Errors Out Alarm Network
Paging In Alarm Paging
Paging Out Alarm Paging
Swap Space Alarm Swap
Swapping In Alarm Processors
Swapping Out Alarm Processors
Zombie Processes Alarm Process_Counts

Spotlight Overview page

Component Collection Name
Network panel (NIC Bandwidth,Network In/Out ,Network Errors In/Out ) Network
Network panel (Network Users) Network_Users
Network panel (Established, Time_Wait, Close_Wait) Network_Connections
CPU panel (CPUs, Speed, Type) CPUInfo
CPU panel (CPU usage, User%, System%, Wait%, Queue Length, Blocked, Swapping In/Out) Processors
CPU panel (Total, Zombies) Process_Counts
Paging In/Out Flow Paging
Memory panel Physical Memory TotalRAM
Memory panel Virtual Memory Swap
Swap Space panel Swap
Storage panel (Disks,Total disk writes per second,Total disk reads per second) Disk_Activity
Storage panel (File Systems) Filesystem_Space
System panel (OS) FirstConnectionVersion
System panel (Uptime) Uptime
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