Monitor a Unix/Linux server (Unix/Linux hosts of your database connections) by supplying the following connection details to Spotlight.

How to enter / edit connection details

Use a Spotlight Client to enter / edit connection details.

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Connections.
  2. Double click Add new connection.
  3. Fill in the connection details.

Connection details


Enter the hostname or IP address to the Unix/Linux machine.


Enter the user name to login to the Unix/Linux machine.


Enter the password to login to the Unix/Linux machine.

Port Number

Enter the port number for SSH (secure shell) connection to the Unix/Linux machine. The default value is 22.

Test the connection

On entering / modifying connection details in the Spotlight Client, click Test to test the connection.

Use a high security connection protocol

When selected Spotlight will check that the connection is using a secure protocol and raise a Connection Failure alarm if is not.