Data is collected from the SQL Server Availability Group connection from the following Spotlight collections.

How to configure Spotlight collections

Use a Spotlight Client to configure Spotlight collections. See Configure Scheduling

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Scheduling.
  2. Select template or connection to configure
  3. Select a collection to modify the collection schedule.


Alarm Collection Name
Availability Group - Failover Availability Group States
Availability Group - Failed Over Availability Group Failover Detection
Availability Group - Quorum Failure Imminent Group States
Availability Group - Synchronization Health Availability Group States

Spotlight Overview page

Component Collection Name
Status N/A
Synchronization Health Availability Group States
Primary Instance Availability Group States
Failover Mode Replicas
Cluster Name Cluster Details
Cluster Mode Cluster Details
Replicas collected (grid) Replicas
Databases collected (grid) Database Replicas
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