Monitor a SQL Server Availability Group by supplying the following connection details to Spotlight.

How to enter / edit connection details

Use a Spotlight Client to enter / edit connection details.

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Connections.
  2. Double click Add new connection.
  3. Fill in the connection details.

Connection details


Specify the Availability Listener: IP address, hostname, or URL.


Specify the authentication for Spotlight to use to connect to the Availability Listener.

Select Windows Authentication (using Diagnostic Server credentials) to use the Windows user configured to run the Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

Alternatively, fill in the User and Password fields. Ensure the account has sufficient privileges to retrieve server information, query the registry, and access WMI and performance monitor objects. An account with administrative rights to the listener allows this.

Connection Failure Properties

Set the connection timeout and the number of times Spotlight should attempt to connect to the Availability Group before raising the Connection Failure alarm.

Test the connection

On entering / modifying connection details in the Spotlight Client, click Test to test the connection.