Details of the selected Windows service. Select the service on the Services grid.

Display Name

This is the friendly name of the service.


The localized service description as seen in the services control panel applet.


The full path of the executable that is run as a service.

Startup Type

This shows how the service acts on Windows start


Starts every time the system starts, after the Boot and System devices start.


Requires manual startup or another service or device to request its startup.


Does not start and cannot be manually started.


Starts every time the system starts, before any other devices start.


Starts when the device is detected or needed for a specific event.


Starts every time the system starts, after the Boot devices start.

Service status

The runtime status of the service, one of: Started, Stopped, Starting, Stopping.

Service type

Shows what type of program this is.

Controls accepted

Accepted commands to control the service, one of: Start, Stop, Suspend, Resume, Pause, Restart.

Service account

The account under which the service runs.