Drilldown on running processes, installed services and installed drivers on the Windows server.

How to open the Processes drilldown

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Select the connection from the left Connections pane.
  2. Click Monitor | Processes from the ribbon.
    Processes drilldown for Windows servers

About the Processes drilldown

Processes page

Investigate running processes.

Processes grid

Shows information for each process running on the current system.

Members of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators group can end processes from the shortcut menu.

To view detailed information about a process, select a process in the grid.

To view the grid as a hierarchical tree, right-click the grid and select Show Tree.

Process details

Investigate detailed information about a running process.

To see the values for a statistic over the last hour, right-click a statistic shown in dark green and select Show History.

Process history

Investigate recent activity of a process.

Processor Utilization chart

Shows the percentage of Privileged and User Time.

High Privileged time means that the program is predominantly busy accessing resources through operating system requests.

High User time means that the program is predominantly CPU-bound with the program code itself.

Read/Writes chart

Reads / Second - Shows the number of IO reads (such as hard disk reads and memory reads) being performed by the process.

Writes / Second - Shows the number of IO writes (such as hard disk writes and memory writes) being performed by the process.

Memory Usage chart

Shows the current memory allocated to the selected process.

Memory Usage shows the current size of the working set of the selected process. The working set is the set of memory pages touched recently by the threads in the process.

Virtual Memory Size shows the current size of the memory allocated to this process that cannot be shared with other processes.

Page Faults chart

Shows the number of page faults being generated by the program. A consistently high value may indicate a lack of memory. However, this collection includes both soft and hard page faults; as such, there may be no associated problems.

Process threads

The Process Threads grid shows current information about the threads that ran by the selected process.

Services page

Investigate Windows services installed on the monitored Windows Server.

Services grid

Shows details about the Windows services installed on the monitored Windows Server.

Click Start / Stop / Pause to change the running state of a selected service or device. You must be a member of the Spotlight diagnostic administrators group to change the running state.

Start Start Stop Stop Pause Pause

Right click Select Process to locate the process running a selected share process.

service details

Click an item in the Services grid to display service details. Service details show further details for the selected Windows service such as a service description, the control accepted, and the executable.

Service dependencies

Investigate dependencies between services and drivers.

Services and Drivers required by this service grid

Shows any services or drivers that must be running for the selected service to run. Stopping any of these services will also stop the selected service. Double-click an entry to see its full details.

Services dependent on this service grid

Shows any services that depend on the selected service running. Stopping the selected service will also stop these services. Double-click a service to see its full details.

System drivers page

Investigate the Windows kernel and file system drivers on the monitored Windows server.