This shows recent event log items that have occurred on the Windows Server. The Windows Event Log is where application or operating system information is written and can be accessed by system administrators.

To use the Event logs grid

Select the type of log and date range and click View Events.

View Events

The grid contains the following columns:


When the entry was entered into the Windows event log. Not when it was brought into Spotlight Enterprise.

Event ID

Identifies the specific event that was logged.


A description of the event that was logged.


The software that logged the event.


The type of entry logged. See the following descriptions:

Warning There is something out of the ordinary but not an outright failure.
Error Something has failed.
Information General information on what is happening on the system.
Security There are many security-based message types. These come from the security log and the system auditing that has been configured on the system.


The category of the event. This is used in auditing, and is primarily used by the security log.


Shows which user account instigated the event log item (this is particularly pertinent to security items).


The name of the machine where the event occurred.