This grid shows details of Windows kernel drivers and file system drivers.

The columns in the grid are:


The name of the driver as reported to the system.

Display Name

The friendly name of the driver.


Shows if the device is a Kernel or File System driver.


Shows if the driver is Running or Stopped.

Start Mode

This shows how the driver acts when Windows starts.

Auto Starts every time the system starts, after the Boot and System devices start.
Manual Requires manual startup or another service or device to request its startup.
Disabled Does not start and cannot be started manually.
Boot Starts every time the system starts, before any other devices start.
Demand Starts when the device is detected or needed for a specific event.
System Starts every time the system starts, after the Boot devices start.

Accepts Stop

Identifies whether a driver can be stopped. This information is available only for currently running devices.

Path Name

Shows the file location of the device. This cannot be retrieved for all devices.