Respond to Windows server alarms raised by Spotlight.

Alarms that can be raised against a Windows Server connection

How to acknowledge an alarm

If an alarm is configured to require acknowledgment then each raised instance of the alarm remains present in Spotlight until it is acknowledged.

How to snooze an alarm

To snooze an alarm is to temporarily remove the visual alert associated with an alarm.

How to configure an alarm

See Configure Alarms to set the thresholds and severities that determine when an alarm is raised. Disable an alarm. Set an alarm to require acknowledgment. Configure keyed alarms. Collect additional diagnostic information on an alarm.

See Configure Alarm Actions to setup actions for Spotlight to take when an alarm is raised. The actions Spotlight can take include running a program and sending an email. Conditions on taking the action can be defined, such as the day of the week, the time of day, the severity of the alarm, the alarm type and the connection type.

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