Known issues with the display and collection of data on the Overview page or its drilldowns.

Perform user actions on the Windows Server from the Spotlight Client

In order to perform actions on the Windows Server (like kill a session) from the Spotlight Client, the Windows user running the Spotlight Client must be a member of at least one of the Spotlight diagnostic user groups.

Data display and collection problems - Windows Server connection

Ensure necessary components are enabled on the monitored Windows Server (SQL Server host) to ensure correct data display and collection.

Windows Server | Spotlight Overview page | Disks Panel and Windows Server | Disks Drilldown

If disk counters are disabled on the monitored Windows Server you may notice the following:

  • The Spotlight Overview page Disks panel and Disks drilldown show no data.
  • Various I/O charts on the SQL I/O Activity tab and Windows Activities drilldowns, and disk graphs on the Databases drilldown show no data.
  • Errors executing “LogicalDisk” or “PagingFile” queries.

To enable disk counters

  1. Open a command line window on the monitored Windows Server.
  2. Type the following at the command prompt: diskperf -y
  3. Restart the Windows Server.

Windows Server | Network Drilldown

If the Network Drilldown | NBT page is displaying no data, the likely cause is that the appropriate performance counters are not enabled on the monitored Windows server.

To enable the collection of network data

  • Windows Server 2003: Use the Exctrlst utility to ensure the PerfNet counters are active on the Windows Server. Download Exctrlst from the Microsoft Web site (download).
  • Verify at least one network device is using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP). To do this, check the properties of all network connections (in particular, Advanced TCP/IP Settings | WINS) to ensure that the NetBIOS setting is not disabled.


Check the Known Issues section of the Spotlight Enterprise Release Notes.