Learn more about acknowledge, snooze and configure. Learn more about the alarms that can be raised for each connection type.

Is there a list of all alarms that can be raised for Spotlight Cloud connections?

Information about each alarm is documented under the connection type.


Alarms critical to your operation can be configured to remain on view until they are acknowledged.

How to acknowledge alarms

Acknowledge alarms from the Alarms panel or the Alarms page.

How to configure alarms to require acknowledgment


To snooze an alarm is to temporarily remove the visual alert associated with an alarm.

Snoozed alarms are not included in the overall severity for a connection. Snoozed alarms do not perform any associated Alarm Actions (such as sending notification emails).

How to show snoozed alarms

By default snoozed alarms are hidden in Spotlight Cloud.

Show Snoozed Off

Show snoozed alarms from the Alarms page. Select Show Snoozed.

Show Snoozed On

How to snooze alarms

Snooze alarms from the Alarms panel or the Alarms page.

Configure Alarms

In a Spotlight Enterprise deployment, use a Spotlight Client to configure an alarm. The Spotlight Cloud web site does not have the facility to configure a Spotlight Enterprise deployment.

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