Use the Alarms page to comprehensively inquire into all outstanding alarms.
The Alarms page

How to open the Alarms page

  1. From a web browser, open the Spotlight Cloud web site -
  2. Sign in using your Quest account. You have already signed in if you see your profile icon Account Profile in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a Sign in link then you need to sign in.
  3. Click the Monitoring tab.
  4. Select Alarms from the available display pages.
From the dropdown menu select Alarms

Alarms summary

From the summary you can see the number of alarms raised of each severity. You can search for text within the alarms list. To page through multiple pages of alarms, click Next.

Summary of raised alarms

Alarms list

Use the arrow right of the column header to sort the list of alarms ascending or descending on any column. Hover the mouse over a column header to see a filter icon; use the filter icon to filter the list of alarms. Select an alarm to show detailed information on that alarm.

List of alarms on the Alarms page

Select an alarm

Spotlight Cloud shows a description of the alarm. Click Acknowledge to acknowledge the alarm. Click Snooze to snooze the alarm.

Selected alarm

Color and severity

Alarm severity is color coded throughout Spotlight Cloud.

Default Color Severity Description
Normal color Normal No alarms raised.
Information color Information An information alarm has been raised.
Low color Low A low severity alarm has been raised.
Medium color Medium A medium severity alarm has been raised.
High color High A high severity alarm has been raised.