The Spotlight Health Check provides a prioritized list of key health issues enabling you to pinpoint and address them within your SQL Server infrastructure.
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Open the Heath Check page

  1. From a web browser, open the Spotlight web site -
  2. Sign in using your Quest account. You have already signed in if you see your profile icon Account Profile in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a Sign in link then you need to sign in.
  3. Click the Monitoring tab.

Which connections do you want to show on the Health Check? From the menu top of the Monitoring page, All indicates that the current page involves all connections. To reduce the number of connections on display, click All. From the menu that opens, select the required connection or connection group.

All connections

To show the Health Check page for the selected connections, click on the current page type (say the Heatmap). From the menu that opens, select Health Check.

From the dropdown menu select Alarms

About health checks

  • Healthchecks for Security, Disaster Recovery, Index Optimization, Memory, I/O, and Configuration.
  • Get insight into the performance of each of your instances, including recent history of the instance’s performance, system waits and I/O latency.
  • See how your performance is trending over time and compare one instance with another. Using aggregated statistics from the entire Spotlight community you can compare how your instances perform.