A Spotlight overview page captures the performance of a single monitored connection. Flows and components are updated in real time to highlight obvious bottlenecks and problem areas and color coded to indicate when an alarm is raised.
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Open the Spotlight Overview page

  1. From a web browser, open the Spotlight web site - http://www.spotlightessentials.com.
  2. Sign in using your Quest account. You have already signed in if you see your profile icon Account Profile in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a Sign in link then you need to sign in.
  3. Click the Monitoring tab.
  4. Ways to open the Spotlight Overview page from the Monitoring screen:

Component color

Spotlight Overview page components are colored. If the color is other than green then the component is in an alarm state. If more than one alarm is raised against the component then the color shows the highest severity alarm raised.

Default Color Severity
Disabled color Disabled
Normal color Normal / No alarm is currently raised.
Information color Information
Low color Low
Medium color Medium
High color High

Flows and components in an alarm state

To list the alarms raised for this connection, open the Alarms panel. From the top right of the Overview page, click Open the alarms panel

The Alarms panel shows the number of alarms raised of each severity and lists each alarm currently raised. Sort the alarms by time or severity. If many alarms have been raised then use the search feature to search for the alarm and the next and previous links to page through the list of alarms. Click on an alarm for more information.

Alarms Panel

Alarm focus

Now you have selected an alarm from the list of alarms. Click Acknowledge to acknowledge the alarm. Click Snooze to snooze the alarm.

Alarm Panel

Flows and components tailored to the connection type

The Spotlight Overview page flows and components are tailored to the connection type. Hover your mouse over a component for a description.