The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Spotlight Enterprise 12.1

Enhancements implemented in Spotlight Enterprise 12.1

Enhancement Issue ID
New SQL Server alarm, Databases - Data File Group About to Grow, disabled by default, which when enabled alerts the Database Administrator before a file is about to grow. SOSSE-6829
Enhancement to the SQL Activity | Sessions page - New “Loading…” indicator shows the SQL statement and Plan are loading. SOSSE-6797
Enhancements to the SQL Server | Support Services | Service Status page. SOSSE-6756
Updated the link to the new Spotlight Enterprise Community page. SOSSE-6735
On the SQL Server | Databases drilldown, Databases grid and Fragmented indexes grid, click Ctrl+A to ‘Select All’ rows. Click outside the grid to clear selected rows. SOSSE-6651
Enhancements to the SQL Server | Workload Analysis, Wait Events and Performance Health drilldowns to reduce loading time and consume less memory. SOSSE-6598
On the SQL Server | Workload Analysis and Wait Events drilldowns you can now export all SQL statements to a file. SOSSE-5757
On the SQL Server | Workload Analysis drilldown, right click on a SQL statement to view the SQL statement in an external editor. SOSSE-5755
Enhancement to the SQL Server | Wait Event drilldown, visualization of Wait Types and SQL Statements. SOSSE-5388
When monitoring SQL Server | SQL Activity drilldown | Sessions page, added a “Thread Count” column to enable the ability to display a single row per session as an option. SOSSE-4303
SQL Replication - Subscription Expiration alarm alerts prior to replication subscriptions expiring. SOSSE-3091
On the SQL Server | Databases drilldown | Fragmented indexes page - select multiple indexes to Generate Defragmentation Script for all selected indexes. SOSSE-2532
Enhance Spotlight performance by implementing a common service to resolve SQL text and SQL plan for procedures: QueryExecutionStatistics, SQLBlockingList, SQLConnectionList, SQLConnectionDetails, WaitEvents and WorkloadAnalysis. DS-897
Improved user interface design around previous unfriendly error message: “Unknown Identifier asked for extended events. Please connect.” DS-757