The following is a list of issues addressed in Spotlight Enterprise 12.3

Issues resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 12.3.1

Issue ID
Corrected a performance problem with the SQL Server | Workload Analysis drilldown where there could be a noticeable delay selecting an item. SOSSE-7597
In the SQL Server | Databases drilldown | Fragmented indexes grid, corrected the values in the Recovery column. SOSSE-7589
In a federated environment corrected a problem where configuring Alarms, Alarm Actions, Scheduling and Planned Outages was inaccessible when one of the Spotlight Diagnostic Server was unavailable. SOSSE-7479
On the SQL Server | Fragmented Indexes drilldown corrected a problem where on click “Restore default settings” the drilldown shows “Loading …” message forever. SOSSE-7452
When generating a report and multiple SQL Server instances and/or Windows Servers were selected, corrected a problem where the maximum length of the parameter was exceeded. SOSSE-7202
On the SQL Server | Overview page corrected a problem reporting the fragmentation index alarm. SOSSE-7144
When using the Spotlight Client, corrected a refresh issue on the Spotlight Overview page when switching between many connections. SOSSE-6760
From a Spotlight Client installed on Windows Server 2008 SP2, corrected an unexpected error on acknowledging a Diagnostic Server Web Connection alarm. SOSSE-6703
Corrected a problem behind an unexpected error, raised on generating a defragmentation script. SOSSE-2408
Corrected a problem where on error “Cannot connect to Windows host ‘SRV-SCCM-SQL’ : WMI Query ‘Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS-System’ failed : The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0X800706BE0). (requires acknowledgement)” cannot connect to monitored Windows Server connections on upgrade to 12.3. DS-1569
Corrected a problem where Spotlight incorrectly aggregated Extended Events by database name for the SQL Server Workload Analysis drilldown for the 2008 algorithm. DS-1543
Corrected a problem where extended events session not work due to duplicated properties “useextendedevents” in Monitored_Entity files. DS-1508, SOSSE-7379
Corrected a problem where Spotlight Alarm Actions were triggered after the alarm was cleared. DS-1553
Corrected a problem where the SQL File Groups collection put an incorrect value in the DiskSizeInfoAvailable column. DS-1495
Corrected false alarms of “Databases - Data File Group Space Used” DS-1490
Corrected a problem where Spotlight stopped collecting data from SQL Server connections due to a failure to kill a Spotlight OOP Collector process. DS-1434
Error returned by VMware procedures “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” - Have reduced the occurrence of this error by making improvements to the VMware collector code. DS-744

Issues resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 12.3

Issue ID
When monitoring SQL Server Replication the Spotlight Client has been enhanced to notify when certain drilldown pages are unavailable in Playback mode. When there is no data in the Agent-> Performance drilldown or SQL agent jobs drilldown then the Spotlight Client now shows “This section is not available in playback mode” SOSSE-7399
Corrected a problem where on upgrade from 11.7.1 to 12.1/12.2 the SpotlightDiagnosticServer.ini file did not retain customized proxy settings. SOSSE-7301
Corrected the source of Exception Error: Assertion failure error on Datasource.pas, line 1467 SOSSE-7289
Corrected the source of an Unexpected Error on closing the Spotlight Client. SOSSE-7230
Corrected Unexpected Error that closes the Spotlight client while viewing the SQL Activity drilldown. SOSSE-7218
Corrected a problem where Playback Rewind of CPU Usage and SQL Activity Summary showed data inconsistent with real time analysis. SOSSE-7216, SES-170
Sign in and Sign up to Spotlight Cloud no longer requires a specific Internet Explorer version or customized Internet Options settings. SOSSE-7184
When monitoring Windows Server on the CPUs drilldown, CPU Utilization chart, corrected a problem with the Arrange by Name setting. SoSSE-7131
Corrected a problem where the Spotlight Client crashed while using the SQL Server, SQL Activity drilldown, Query Execution Statistics page. SOSSE-6969
Corrected a problem where timestamp data was missing from the SQL Server Health Report. SOSSE-6398
The SQL Server, Support Services drilldown, SQL Agent Jobs page now shows “not supported in playback mode” for the Job History and SQL Agent Job Status panels. SOSSE-6274 / DS-1430
Corrected a problem where the generated Deadlock List Report was incomplete. SOSSE-5468
Corrected a problem where in a Federated environment, Connection names have underscores and not backslashes. SOSSE-4522
Corrected a problem when using the SQL Server Replication Subscriptions drilldown where selecting a Subscriber from the Subscription list results in an error. SOSSE-49
Improved the information provided when an execute request is being made for a session that does not exist. DS-1420
Corrected a problem where an abnormal number of Replication - Publication Expiration alarms are raised. DS-1404
MEMORY_PARTITION_MODE now “PER_NODE” by default instead of “PER_CPU”. DS-1389
Corrected our interaction with old SQL Server versions prior to the development of the UseExtendedEvents property. DS-1388
Removed the Services - SQL Mail Status alarm (which was specific to SQL Server 2000). DS-1378
Corrected an issue following upgrade to Spotlight Enterprise 12.2 with a configured SQL Long running SQL alarm. DS-1269, DS-1226
Corrected a problem on the SQL Server, Databases drilldown, Disk Space page showed incomplete data. DS-1255
Corrected a problem where the SQL Agent - Jobs Failed alarm wasn’t raised if the failed job ran for 5 minutes. DS-1250
Corrected a problem where the “SQLAgent” sessions were not listed on the SQL Activity, Sessions page when system sessions were filtered. DS-1248
Corrected a problem where the Spotlight Diagnostic Server crashed on upgrade to Spotlight Enterprise 12.2 DS-1247
Corrected a problem where Alarm Actions to send emails failed on upgrade to Spotlight Enterprise 12.2 with error “ Sending email failed: Can’t send command to SMTP host; nested exception is: PKIX Path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target” DS-1237
Corrected a problem where the Spotlight Diagnostic Server crashed with an out of memory error due to too many HTTP requests. DS-1222
Corrected a problem where the SQL Server Custom Counters returned a wrong value if one custom counter returned null. DS-1217
While monitoring SQL Server 2008 R2, on the SQL Activity drilldown Sessions page, corrected error: The following error occurred while collecting data, Invalid object name ‘sysprocesses’. [208] [Error Code: 208]. DS-1216
Corrected a problem of no date on the SQL Server Wait Events and Workload Analysis drilldowns for SQL Server 2016 connections. DS-1210
Corrected a problem where the SQL Server Tempdb Usage drilldown charts showed no data. DS-1201
Corrected a problem behind “Queue length exceeded (200) error” that stops the ability to configure monitoring on a Spotlight Client that has been up for a few days. DS-1186
Corrected a problem where the SQL Agent Job failure alarm may not be synchronized for Spotlight email alerts, the Alarm Log and the Spotlight Overview page. DS-1081
Improved the efficiency for the Spotlight Stored Procedure “MoveDiagnosticServerHost”. DS-976
Corrected a problem where serializing an alarm caused it to lose its name and id. DS-896
Corrected a problem where the alarm Cleared time is not timely updated when the Dead lock alarm is cleared. DS-850
Corrected a problem where the Failed SQL Agent Jobs Report did not show all failures. DS-571
Corrected a problem executing the spotlight_sqlanalysis_results procedure. SES-192
Fixed an issue that the SQL Server Blocking drilldown took too long to return data. SES-175
Corrected a problem where Spotlight sometimes raised the error: “HTTP request to failed” SES-141, DS-1244
Corrected Spotlight’s reporting of the SQL Agent Job failure alarm. SES-112
Corrected a problem where session SPID > 2000 may be excluded from the session list. SES-219