The following is a list of issues addressed in Spotlight Enterprise 12.4

Issues resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 12.4

Issue ID
In a federated environment corrected a problem where Spotlight displays message “The Diagnostic Server is operating normally” during expected Diagnostic Server disconnects. SOSSE-7524
Corrected a problem on the SQL Server | Blocking drilldown. In playback mode the blocking grid sometimes showed “No Data”. SOSSE-7248
On the SQL Server | Overview page corrected all problems reporting the fragmentation index alarm. SOSSE-7144
When configuring a planned outage, corrected the problem that led to error: “A task was canceled”. SOSSE-6921
Corrected the problem behind an error message raised on the Overview page when investigating a “User - Connection Count” alarm. SOSSE-6757
Corrected a problem where the Spotlight Diagnostic Server crashed with StackOverflowError in relation to configuring alarms where the message contains the message variable. DS-1657
Corrected a problem where a Spotlight monitoring Extended Events session with incorrect name was created on testing a connection in Configure | Connections. DS-1597
Corrected a problem where an Alarm Action to send an email did not work when the alarm was cleared. DS-1585
Corrected false alarms of “Databases - Data File Group Space Used” DS-1490
Corrected a problem where Spotlight could not show the database size correctly for databases of type FILESTREAM. DS-1419
Corrected a problem with the health check warnings where only one of the categories included in the message “This is because excessive time is being spent on Other, Network.” had a significant value. DS-1258
Corrected a problem where adding a Windows host to a Hyper-V connection type incorrectly raises error “Collection ‘Hyper-V - Hypervisor Logical Processor’ failed : WMI query failed : Invalid class. [0x80041010]” on test. DS-1218