New features in Spotlight Enterprise 12.3

Plan Analysis

On the SQL Server, SQL Activity | Sessions | Plan and SQL Activity | Query Execution Statistics | SQL details pages the Optimizer Plan Visualization Control has been enhanced to show an Analysis of Query for the selected plan and the operation of each session for the selected plan. See Plan.

Factory Reduced Severity Template

When configuring alarms there are two Factory Templates shipped with Spotlight: the Factory Settings Template and Factory Reduced Sensitivity Template. The new Factory Reduced Sensitivity Template reduces the severity of many alarms raised and is more likely to raise a high severity alarm only where the situation presents an availability issue. See Configure Alarms.

Configuration Changes Report

This new report reports on your configuration of the Spotlight Enterprise application settings as compared to the default settings. See the List of Default Reports.

Windows Disk Space Growth Report

This new report supports multiple selected connections. See the List of Default Reports.