The Clusters - Node Unavailable Alarm alarm is raised when Spotlight detects that at least one cluster node (computer system) is not currently running as part of the cluster.
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This alarm can only be raised when you are connected to a SQL Server that is running as part of a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS).

When a cluster node (i.e. a computer system that participates in a cluster) is unavailable, the workload that it normally processes will fail over to other computer systems in the cluster, resulting in lower performance.

When the alarm is raised:

  • Check the SQL Server | Support Services drilldown | Cluster Services page to determine which cluster node is unavailable.
  • Verify the computer system is running and that Windows is operating normally.
  • Verify the Cluster Service is running on the computer system.
  • Use the Windows event logs to determine why the computer system is not participating in the cluster. For more information, see the Windows Server | Events Logs drilldown.