Shows statistics relating to the primary database.
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Primary Database

Name of the primary database in the log shipping configuration.

Backup Directory

Directory where transaction log backup files from the primary server are stored.

Backup Retention

How long a log backup file is retained in the backup directory before being deleted.

Monitor Server

Name of the instance being used as a monitor server in the log shipping configuration.

Last Backup Date

Date and time of the last log backup operation.

Primary Server

Name of the primary instance in the log shipping configuration.

History Retention

How long log shipping history records are retained for the primary database before being deleted.

Backup Job Enabled

Whether backup jobs are enabled.

Backup Compression

Whether the log shipping configuration overrides the server-level backup compression behavior. For example, Enabled, Default, Disabled. This column is available only for SQL Server 2008.

Backup Job ID

ID of the backup job on the primary server.

Backup Share

Network path to the backup directory on the primary server.

Backup Threshold

Number of minutes allowed to elapse between backup operations before an alert is generated.

Last Backup Date UTC

Date and time of the last transaction log backup operation on the primary database, in Coordinated Universal Time.

Last Backup File

Path and filename of the most recent transaction log backup.

Monitor Server Security Mode

Security mode used to connect to the monitor server. For example, Windows or SQL Server.

Primary ID

ID of the primary database.

Threshold Alert

Alert to be raised when the restore threshold is exceeded.

Threshold Alert Enabled

Whether threshold alerts are enabled.