Use the Sessions involved in this contention grid to determine which user or application is the cause of Tempdb contention.
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Note that Tempdb contention refers to a bottleneck for threads trying to access allocation pages that are in-memory; it has nothing to do with I/O.

The grid contains the following columns:

SQL Statement

The SQL Statement responsible for causing the contention.

Session ID

ID of the session executing the SQL Statement.

The ID is hyper-linked to the same session on the SQL Activity drilldown | Sessions page.

Wait Type

The type of wait that SQL Server has recorded and which is preventing a current request from being executed.

Wait Duration

The total wait time in milliseconds spent waiting.

Blocking Session

The ID of the session that is blocking the request.

Resource ID

The ID of the resource being waited on.

Page ID

The ID of the page being waited on.

Resource Type

The type of page being waited on - GAM (Global Allocation Map) or SGAM (Shared Global Allocation Map) or PFS (Page Free Space)


The application executing the SQL Statement.


The name of the Windows server hosting the SQL Server instance.


The SQL Server login name for this session.