The Services Status grid shows the current status of each SQL Server support service.
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The columns in the grid are:


The SQL Server support service.


The state of the SQL Server support service.

Active - The service is running. Inactive - The service is found and not running. Not installed - The service is not found. It is not installed. Configured / Not Configured - These states are applicable only when the instance is NOT linked to a Windows operating system.

State Changed

The time and date that the state of the service last changed.

How to start and stop services

To start and stop services, right-click a service and select the appropriate option from the shortcut menu.

The start/stop service feature is fully cluster aware. If your server is running on a cluster, the start/stop service function requests that the cluster software take the cluster resource offline, rather than just stopping the service manually. This prevents the cluster service from failing the resource over to another node.