The SQL Error Log drilldown provides access to both the SQL Server Error Log and the SQL Server Agent Error Log.
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How to open the Error log drilldown

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Select the connection from the left Connections pane.
  2. Click Monitor | Error log from the ribbon.
    Error log drilldown for SQL Server

SQL Server Error Logs

Shows the contents of current and archived SQL Server error logs.

SQL Agent Error Logs

Shows the contents of the SQL Server Agent Error Log.

Tips to using the drilldown

  • To display the current contents of the SQL Server error log, click Refresh.
  • To view an archived error log, select the log from the list and click Refresh.
  • For performance reasons, Spotlight limits the number of records that can be viewed in this drilldown. By default, it will show the last 500 records that have been logged. To change the number of records:

    1. Click Filter.
    2. Enter a value in the Max Records field.
    3. Click Refresh.
  • The SQL Server Error Logs grid displays the contents of the error log selected in the list above the grid. As this is a snapshot of the selected error log it is not updated automatically.
  • Click Cycle to archive the current error log file and open a new log file. The oldest log file may be deleted. Only members of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators group can use the Cycle Error Log option.
  • To define and edit the alert rules that Spotlight scans the SQL Server Error Log for, click Error Log Entries.
    Error Log Entries