The File Groups grid shows information on all file groups in the selected databases.
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Information available from this grid includes:

Database Name

The name of the specified database.

File Group

The name of each file group in the database.

# File Count

The number of files in each file group (excluding the Transaction Log).

Total MB

The total size of all files in the group.

Used MB

The total size of used space in all files in the group, measured in megabytes.

Free MB

The amount of space allocated but not used in all files in the file group.

Can Grow

An indication of the files in the file group (if any) that can grow.

Growths Remaining

For data files that can grow and show few growths remaining, consider allocating more disk space for the data files to grow. Use the Databases | Data Files | Data Files grid to check the Auto Grow and Growth Increment.


The list of disks where the files in the file group reside.


The type of file group. For example, data or log file.

Free Pct

The percentage of that space not allocated to any objects.

Used Pct

The percentage of space allocated to objects.

How to highlight records

You can restrict the file groups included in the charts by highlighting only the records you are interested in. Hold down the Shift or CTRL key to select multiple file groups.