The SQL Agent Jobs grid lists all SQL Server Agent Jobs that are defined in this server.
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Using the grid

The grid highlights the current status of each job (running, succeeded, or failed).

Failed jobs are highlighted with a red “X” icon, successfully completed jobs are shown with a green “check” icon, and jobs that are currently running are shown with a blue “!” icon.

To start a job from the grid, right-click the job and select Start Job. You must be a member of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators group to perform this operation.

Columns in the grid:

Job Name

The name of the job.

Job Category

The SQLAgent job category assigned to this job.


If the job can be run or not.

Last Run Outcome

The outcome of the last run (Success or Fail).

Current Status

The current status of the job (Running or Inactive).

Last Run Time

The date/time on which the job last ran.

Last Run Finish

The time the job finished.

Current Run Duration

How long the current job has been running for. This column displays information only whilst the job is running.

Last Run Duration

How long the last run took (shown as d hh:mm:ss).

Next Run Time

The date/time of the next scheduled run.


A brief description of the job.

Average Run Duration

Average duration of all successful runs for this job. This column is hidden by default.

Current Step #

If the job is currently running, this shows the current step number. This column is hidden by default.


The unique session number for the SQL agent job.