The Tables grid shows all tables in the selected databases, including their size, number of rows, free space and the list of disks on which their file group resides.
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The columns in the grid are:

Table Name

The name of the table.

Database Name

The name of the database that contains the specified table.


The partition where the table is stored.

Data Space

The data space (filegroup, partition scheme, or FILESTREAM data filegroup) where the table is stored.


The name of the table owner.


The number of rows in the table.

Reserved MB

The amount of space reserved for the table in megabytes.

Free MB

The amount of free space in the table.

Pct DB

The percentage of space that the table occupies in the database.

Table MB

The actual size of the table in megabytes.

Used MB

The amount of used space in the table.

The Tables grid and the Databases grid

The number of tables shown in the Tables grid may not match the number displayed in the # Tables column of the Databases grid. This is most evident when viewing table details for the tempdb database and is due to its dynamic nature.

How to highlight the records you are interested in

You can restrict the tables included in the charts below by highlighting just the records you are interested in. Hold down the Shift key to select a block of multiple records, or the CTRL key to select individual records.

How to filter the results

You can filter the results displayed in the Tables grid by the following criteria:

  • Top N tables by size or row count
  • Data Space name
  • Table name

To filter the results, type appropriate values into the fields above the Tables grid and then click Apply Filter.