The Session Locks sub-page shows all locks held or requested by the selected session.
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The details in this grid are:

Lock Type

The type of the resource that is currently locked (Database, Table, Page, Row, Extent, etc. Note that AllocUnit, HoBT, Metadata, and Object are displayed for SQL Server 2005 instances only).


The kind of lock being applied to the resource (Shared, Exclusive, Update, IntentShared, IntentExclusive, etc.).


The status of the lock (Blocked, Blocking, or blank (Granted)).

The Status column shows whether the locks have been granted to the session, or whether they are currently blocked and waiting on another session.


The database being used by the current process.


The number of locks of the type specified in the Lock Type column against the database specified in the Database column from the SPID specified in the SPID column.


The index being used by the current process (if any).

Object Name

The object that is currently locked.