Recent historical information (collected from monitored connections) is stored in the Playback Database.


The Playback Database is deployed on SQL Server.

The Playback Database is created by the Spotlight installer.

There is one Playback Database per Spotlight Diagnostic Server.


Use a Spotlight Client to Configure the Playback Database.

Use a Spotlight Client to configure Spotlight’s data collection schedules. How often is data collected? On what day? At what time? See Configure Scheduling.


See how to use the data collected in the Playback Database. Playback


Backup Spotlight data

The Playback Database is deployed on SQL Server. The backup procedure is the same as for any other SQL Server database. See Backup Spotlight Data.

Maintenance plan for Spotlight Statistics Repository and Playback Database

It is highly recommended that regular maintenance is performed to maintain efficient data retrieval. Configure the database maintenance schedule.

Database Objects and Privileges

Browse information on the Playback Database User Privileges and Roles and Playback Database Objects Created. Database Objects and Privileges


Following upgrade of the Spotlight Diagnostic Server, the Playback Database is automatically upgraded the next time it is accessed by the Spotlight Diagnostic Server.