A Spotlight Enterprise deployment consists of many components that may be spread over a wide network.

Network ports

Spotlight’s ability to function, to collect and display data, may depend on account permissions granted over the network and specific open network ports.

See Network Ports

Spotlight diagnostic user groups

Spotlight diagnostic user groups are Windows groups created on install of Spotlight. Spotlight uses these groups to authenticate Spotlight Client access to the Spotlight Diagnostic Server. Membership of these groups affects the Spotlight Client’s ability to configure Spotlight and run actions on monitored Windows Server and SQL Server instances.

See Spotlight diagnostic user groups

Troubleshooting WMI

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server uses WMI queries to retrieve performance counter information from Windows server hosts. Verify WMI is working and returns data properly.

See Troubleshooting WMI

How to limit the number of ports used by WMI

In order to effectively use WMI between fire walled hosts, you can limit the number of ports used by the DCOM subsystem and only open those ports.

See How to limit the number of ports used by WMI