Schedule a time for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to run maintenance procedures for the Playback Database and Spotlight Statistics Repository.

It is highly recommended that regular maintenance is performed to maintain efficient data retrieval. Scheduling automatic maintenance is just one step in the recommended maintenance plan. For more information, see Maintenance plan for Spotlight Statistics Repository and Playback Database.

Configure the database maintenance schedule from the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Diagnostic server.
    Configure Diagnostic Server
  2. Select Configure the database maintenance schedule.

Select the Diagnostic Server

If the Spotlight Diagnostic Server is federated you will be prompted to select the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to configure. Please configure each Spotlight Diagnostic Server in the federation (one at a time) independent of each other.

Set the maintenance schedule

Run maintenance procedure for the Playback database / Statistics repository.

Enable / disable maintenance procedures.

Run maintenance procedures…

Configure the maintenance schedule. By default, maintenance procedures run for the Playback Database and Spotlight Statistics Repository 3am daily.