Enter PagerDuty account details for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server (to fulfill on Configure | Alarm Actions | Alarm Action | Send PagerDuty incident).

PagerDuty and Spotlight

Prior to following these instructions ensure you have your PagerDuty Integration Key. The instructions in the Spotlight Enterprise Integration Guide on the PagerDuty web site provide you with the necessary steps: https://www.pagerduty.com/docs/guides/quest-spotlight-enterprise-integration-guide/. PagerDuty is a third party product (www.pagerduty.com).

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server requires Internet access in order to fulfill on Configure | Alarm Actions | Alarm Action | Send PagerDuty incident.

Open this screen from the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Diagnostic server.
    Configure Diagnostic Server
  2. Select Configure PagerDuty.

Select the Diagnostic Server

For federated Spotlight Diagnostic Server you will be prompted to select the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to configure. Each Spotlight Diagnostic Server is independently configured for pager duty.

Specify your PagerDuty account details.

Integration Key

The Integration Key authenticates the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to your PagerDuty account.

Click Trigger Test Incident

Click Trigger Test Incident to verify the Spotlight Diagnostic Server can successfully send an incident report to PagerDuty.