Use these instructions to add alarms to custom counters that return a numeric value, so that you are alerted when the counter values exceed their thresholds.

Configure | Custom Counters

Prior to following these instructions, ensure you Configure | Custom Counters.

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Alarms.
    Configure Alarms
  2. Select the connection or template to apply the alarm configuration to.
  3. Double click on the Custom Counters alarm appropriate to the connection type (SQL Custom Counters or Windows Custom Counters). The dialog to Configure an alarm opens.

Fill in the Configure an alarm dialog

Clear Factory Settings

Clear the Factory Settings control so you can modify the settings for this alarm.

Add a key value

Click Add to add a key value. In the Add Key dialog, select or type the key value (the Custom Counter you want to alarm on).

Add severities to this key value.

  1. Ensure this key value is selected.
  2. Click Add Severity. Select the severity level to apply. Enable the new severity.
  3. Use either the colored bar or the Severity table to set thresholds. For more information, see Severity thresholds.

Enter an alarm description

Enter an alarm description in the Description field. When the alarm is raised, the description appears in the Details column of the Alarm log and Spotlight today and the SQL Server | Overview page or Windows Server | Overview page when you hover the mouse over the Custom Counters button.

To include the key name and current value in the description, use the following syntax:

{{key}} = Custom counter name

{{value}} = Custom counter value


{{key}} has a value of {{value}}