Some alarms can be configured to ignore certain values. For example, the Spotlight Backup Alarms can be configured to ignore certain databases.

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Alarms.
    Configure Alarms
  2. Select the connection or template to apply the alarm configuration to.
  3. Double click on the alarm to Configure an alarm.
  4. Clear the Factory Settings control so you can modify the settings for this alarm.
  5. Click values in the sentence Do not alarm for certain values to open the Ignore values dialog.

The Ignore Values dialog

Ignore the following values when raising alarms

This is the list of values ignored when raising the alarm.

When you select a value on this list the value will be highlighted and listed in the Value field.


The current value is displayed in the Value field. You can Replace, Add or Delete.

Select the current value from the drop down menu, type the current value or highlight it from the list of values.


Replace the value selected in the list with the current Value.


Add the current Value to the list of values ignored when raising the alarm.


Remove the current Value from the list of values ignored when raising the alarm.

Wildcard characters

You can use the following wildcards when specifying values to ignore.

* Represents any string including the null string.
? Represents any single character.

For example, type “Database*” in the value field to ignore a series of databases named “Database01” through to “Database99”.


  • The exclusion list is not case sensitive.
  • “!” following “[“ is not treated as the special symbol that excludes following characters in the brackets, but treated as a single character “!”.