Set the thresholds and severities that determine when an alarm is raised. Disable an alarm. Set an alarm to require acknowledgment. Configure keyed alarms. Collect additional diagnostic information on an alarm.

All alarms in Spotlight, including Diagnostic Server and operational alarms, can be configured.

The kinds of configuration include:

  • Disable an alarm
  • Set an alarm to require acknowledgment
  • Configure keyed alarms - apply different severities to individual keys in an alarm.
  • Change the severity level or number of severities. (Change severity information)
  • Collect additional diagnostic information
  • Do not alarm for certain values

Configure alarms from the Spotlight Client

Click Configure Alarms Configure | Alarms.

Select template or connection to configure

Option Description
Factory Settings Select to show the standard settings shipped with Spotlight. These settings can be reapplied to a connection. These settings cannot be changed.
Factory Reduced Sensitivity Template Select to show reduced severity settings shipped with Spotlight. These settings reduce the severity of many alarms raised (compared to standard Factory Settings) and are more likely to raise a high severity alarm only where the situation presents an availability issue. These settings can be reapplied to a connection. These settings can be changed.
Connection Select a Spotlight connection to show / change alarm configurations for that connection.
Template Select a template to show / change / reapply a template configuration. Select a template to delete or rename that template. The templates you have previously saved are listed. For more information, see Configuration templates.

Select an alarm to configure

The table of alarms is as follows.

Column Description
Name The name of the alarm.
Type The alarm applies to this connection type.
Modified Yes if the alarm is set to other than the Factory Settings.

Double click on an alarm to configure the alarm.

Information about each alarm is documented under the connection type.

Reuse this configuration

Apply configuration to…

Optionally, apply this configuration to other connections.

Save to Template

Optionally, save this configuration to a template. Where a template has been selected to configure you will also see options to Delete or Rename the template. For more information, see Configuration templates.

Close the dialog


Save the alarm configuration(s) for the selected connection or template.


Discard changes to this screen.