Configure the monitoring properties of a single connection.

How to open this dialog from the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure Connections Configure | Connections.
  2. Right-click the connection and select Properties | Monitoring.

Select from the following monitoring options.

Monitor this server

Select to monitor this connection using Spotlight Enterprise.

When not selected, no new data is collected by Spotlight Enterprise and therefore no alarms are raised. Existing data in the Playback Database and Spotlight Statistics Repository is preserved.


Configure the alarm settings. For more information, see Configure | Alarms.


Customize how often data is collected. For more information, see Configure | Scheduling.

Error Log Entries

Request Spotlight raise an alarm when certain SQL error log entries are logged. For more information, see Configure | Error Log Entries.

SQL Server Response Time

Set the SQL statement that is used to measure SQL Server response time.

The response time itself can be viewed in the SQL Server | SQL Activity drilldown and the SQL Server | Spotlight Overview page. For more information, see Configure | SQL Server Response Time.

Monitored Files

Track the growth of files (usually log files) on monitored Windows Servers. For more information, see Configure | Monitored Files.