Configure how disks are displayed on the Windows Server | Overview page | Disks panel.

Configure the disks display from the Spotlight Client

  1. Select the Windows Server from the Connections display.
  2. Click Monitor | Disks Display.


Automatically configure disk display


Spotlight determines which disks are displayed in the Disks panel.


You configure how disks are displayed in the Disks panel.

By drive letter/ By lowest % free space

Select by drive letter to display disk information according to the alphabetical label assigned to each disk. Select by lowest % free space to display disk information for disks having the lowest percentage of free space.

Number of disks to show on Overview page

The number of disks to display.

Disk to edit (numbered top to bottom)

Enter the number of the disk you want to edit.

Disks are numbered from top to bottom starting at one. The number of available disks depends on how many disks you have chosen to display on the main screen. (See the Number of disks to show on Overview page field.)

Display information for

Choose the type of information you want to display for the selected disk:

  • Logical Disk
  • Lowest % Free Space
  • Smallest Disk Size
  • Most “Read from” disk
  • Most “Written to” disk

Logical disk to display

If you chose the Logical Disk option above, use this field to nominate the disk details to display.