This dialog is opened as one of a series when using Apply configuration to… to apply a configuration to selected connections.

Optionally, use the search field to search for Spotlight connections. Type text in this field to identify connections matching this text in their name, type or tag.


The display name of the connection in Spotlight.


The connection type: Analysis Services, Hyper-V, Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server, Windows Server etc.


Tags are a free form organizational tool that may be optionally applied to Spotlight connections. Tag names represent a project, geographic region or other indicator of interest to you and your organization. Multiple tags can be assigned to one connection. For more information on tags, see Connection Properties | Tags.


Select from the connections monitored by Spotlight. This list is adjusted as applicable to the configuration to be applied. For example, a Spotlight configuration for a SQL Server instance can be applied to other SQL Server instances, but may not be applicable to Windows Server connections.

Connection Type


The Selected Connections list is a list of the connections that you have selected. The configuration will be applied to these connections.

To remove a connection from this list, select the connection and click Remove.