A Spotlight chart may contain multiple graphs representing separate data series from multiple data sources. You can filter the chart so that it shows only the data series that you want to see.

Spotlight supplies a set of filters that you can use (Filter on the data series), but if none of the standard filters are suitable for your chart, you can design a custom filter.

To set a custom filter

  1. Right-click the chart and select Properties | Filtering.
  2. Configure as appropriate:

Configure the custom filter


The display name for the chart.

Show all items

Select to display all current data series.

For example, if a system has the multiple disks C:, D:, E:, and F:, the relevant disk usage chart displays the disk usage statistic for all four disks.

Show only the top items

Select to display the most significant data series.

Select the number of data series to show from the associated drop down list.

Show the following items

Select to choose the data series to show.

Select the data series to show from the associated list. Note also the associated Select all and Clear all buttons.