Right-click over the header row of a Spotlight grid for options.

Arrange by, Sort Ascending / Descending

Sort the grid according to the contents of a column

Click the column header. An arrow appears to the right of the header.


  • The arrow points down when the column is sorted in descending order, up when the column is sorted in ascending order.
  • Click the arrow to alternate ascending / descending order.
  • Click a different header to select a different column to sort by.
  • To sort by a column that is hidden, right-click the header row and select Arrange by | column name.

To sort the grid according to the contents of multiple columns, keep the SHIFT key depressed when sorting by the second or later column.

For example, to sort the grid in the Alarm Log page by severity and then, within that sort, by action:

  1. Click the Severity header.
  2. While keeping the SHIFT key depressed, click the Action header.

Show / Hide Column

To hide a column, right-click the column header and select Hide Column.

Organize Columns…

To reorder the columns, click-and-drag a column header to a new location.

Freeze first column

To force the first column to remain visible while you scroll through all the columns of the table, right-click on the grid header and select Freeze First column.

Note that this is a toggle switch. You force the first column to remain visible when there is a tick against Freeze First column. The first column scrolls with the other columns when the tick is removed.

Restore default settings

Restore the default order to the column headings and word-wrapping settings.

  1. Right-click on the data in the chart or grid.
  2. Select Restore Default Settings.
  3. Click Restore.