The Default Reports shipped with Spotlight use the following collections and procedures.

How to configure Spotlight collections

Use a Spotlight Client to configure Spotlight collections. See Configure Scheduling

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Configure | Scheduling.
  2. Select template or connection to configure
  3. Select a collection to modify the collection schedule.

Query the Spotlight Statistics Repository and Procedures

Stored procedures return metadata about the Spotlight Statistics Repository or data from within the Spotlight Statistics Repository. See Spotlight API Stored Procedures. See also Additional Stored Procedures.

Default Reports

Report Collection Procedure Collection Name
Alarms Report N/A N/A
All SQL Agent Jobs Report SQLAgentJobList Agent Job List
Custom Counters Report SQLCustomCounters, CustomCounters Custom Counters - SQL Server, Custom Counters - Windows
Database Growth Report SQLDatabaseList Database List
Database Settings Report GeneralDBProperties General DB Properties
Deadlock List Report DeadlockList Deadlock List
Failed SQL Agent Jobs Report SQLAgentJobsFailed Agent Jobs Failed
SQL Server Availability Report ConnectionAvailability Connection Availability
SQL Server Blocking Report SQLBlockingList Blocking List
SQL Server Configuration Report SQLConfigList Server Properties,xp_msver properties,Configuration List
SQL Server Connection Report SQLConnections SQL Server Connections
SQL Server Database Space Report SQLDatabaseList Database List
SQL Server General Statistics Report SQLConnections,SQLBufferManager
SQL Server Connections,Buffer Manager
Statistics,Memory Manager,
Cache Manager
SQL Server Health Database Files Report SQLFiles Files
SQL Server Health Report SQLConnections,SQLBufferManager
 SQL Server Connections,Statistics,
Buffer Manager,Cache Manager,
Memory Manager
SQL Server Health Table Summary Report SQLTableSummary SQL Table Summary
SQL Server Index Summary Report SQLIndexSummary SQL Index Summary
SQL Server Inventory Report SQLVersionInfo Version Information
SQL Server IO Report SQLBufferManager, VirtualFileStats Buffer Manager,Virtual File Statistics
SQL Server Job Duration Report SQLAgentJobList Agent Job List
SQL Server Job Report SQLAgentJobList Agent Job List
SQL Server Large Databases Report SQLDatabaseList Database List
SQL Server Memory Report SQLBufferManager
Buffer Manager,Cache Manager,Memory Manager
SQL Server Performance Summary Report SQLCPUPercent SQL CPU Percent
SQL Server Redundant and Reverse Indexes Report SQLRedundantIndexes, SQLReverseIndexes Redundant Indexes,Reverse Indexes
SQL Server Single Server Connection Report SQLConnections SQL Server Connections
SQL Server Tables Missing Clustered Indexes or Primary Keys Report SQLTablesMissingPrimaryKeys
Tables Missing Primary Keys
Tables Missing Clustered Indexes
SQL Server Transaction Daily Range Summary Report SQLDatabaseInfo Database Info
SQL Server Transaction Monthy Summary Report SQLDatabaseInfo Database Info
SQL Server Transaction Single Day Summary Report SQLDatabaseInfo Database Info
SQL Server Wait Statistics Report SQLWaitStats SQL Wait Statistics Details
Windows Configuration Report OperatingSystem, PagingFiles
Operating System,Paging Files
Advanced Performance Options
Windows System Start Options
Windows Disk Space Growth Report FileSystems File Systems
Windows Disk Space Report FileSystems File Systems
Windows General Statistics Report Memory, Processes
System Performance,Network,Logical Disks
Windows Hardware Configuration Report ComputerSystem,ProcessDetails
Computer System,Processor Details,
Physical Memory,Physical Disk Drive,Network Adapter
Windows Inventory Report OperatingSystem,Memory,ProcessDetails Operating System, Memory, Processor Details
Windows Memory Report Memory Memory
Windows Performance Summary Report Processes, Memory,Network,PhysicalDisks Processors,Memory, Network, Physical Disks
Windows Server Health Report Processes,System,
Processes,System Performance,
Memory,Network,Logical Disks
Windows Virtualization Report VirtualUsage Virtual Machine Usage
Windows Virtualization Summary Report VirtualUsage Virtual Machine Usage