Generate Spotlight Reports from within the Spotlight Client using the Spotight Report Viewer.

Using the Report Viewer

From the Spotlight Client

  1. Click Reports to show the reports that are available from this Spotlight Client.
  2. Select a report. Default Reports are shipped with Spotlight. Reports that you create are listed under Custom Reports.
  3. Select Azure SQL Managed Instance Connection checkbox to display valid authentication types available for selected connection.
  4. Fill in the input parameters. These vary but many require the start date, end date and connection name.
  5. Click View Report.

Save / Export

Save reports in PDF, or as an .xls (Microsoft Excel) file using the Save icon on the Report toolbar.

Print, search, and refresh reports using the Report toolbar.

Generate a different report / change the input parameters

To generate a different report, select the report from the Report list at the top of the Spotlight Report Viewer. Update the input fields if required then click View Report.

If you change the report criteria (time frame or Connection Name) you must click View Report in order to see an updated version of the report.

How can I customize the reports to my own criteria or create my own reports?

The Spotlight Client report viewer displays reports created by SQL Server Data Tools or Business Intelligence Development Studio. Data is queried from the Spotlight Statistics Repository. For information on how to query the Spotlight Statistics Repository for data, see Query the Spotlight Statistics Repository.

Default Reports are stored in the Spotlight Client installation folder


Store Custom Reports (the reports you create) on the same computer as the Spotlight Client in

 \<user\>\Documents\Spotlight Reports