Spotlight Today is a display of recent alarms and alarms requiring acknowledgment.

Open Spotlight Today

From the Spotlight Client, click Spotlight Today Monitor | Spotlight Today to open Spotlight Today for all monitored connections.

About the Spotlight Today grid

The Spotlight today grid is made up of rows and columns where each row represents an alarm and each column information about that alarm.

Column Description
Severity The degree of urgency of the alarm. The color indicates the severity of the alarm.
Alarm The name of the alarm. This column is unavailable when the Group By action is set to Alarm.
Connection The connection the alarm was raised on. This column is unavailable when the Group By action is set to Connection.
Raised The time the alarm was raised.
Message More information on the alarm.
Snoozed By The user who requested the alarm be snoozed.
Snoozed Until The time the alarm is snoozed until.
Condition Cleared The time the alarm severity returned to normal. This is relevant to alarms that require acknowledgment.
Connection type The type of connection the alarm was raised on (for example, SQL Server). The connection type is available only when the Group By action is set to Connection.

Filter the Spotlight Today grid


Filter the Spotlight today grid from the Filter ribbon group.

Ribbon Select Description
Filter by Severity Show alarms of a certain severity.
Hide Snoozed Alarms Remove snoozed alarms from the grid.

Actions on Spotlight Today

These actions are selectable from the Action ribbon group. Some actions are enabled only when an alarm is selected.

  • To select an alarm, highlight it on the Spotlight today grid.
  • Use SHIFT to select (or deselect) a range of alarms.
  • Use CTRL to select (or deselect) non sequential alarms.
Icon Ribbon Select Description
Diagnose Diagnose Drilldown on data from the connection relevant to the selected alarm.
Acknowledge Acknowledge Acknowledge the selected alarm(s). This is appropriate for alarms that are configured to require acknowledgment.
Show in Alarms by Time Alarm History Show the selected alarm in Alarms by Time.
Snooze Snooze Alarm Temporarily remove the visual alert associated with the alarm.
Ignore this Alarm Ignore this Alarm Request Spotlight ignore this alarm and future cases of this alarm. For future cases, request Spotlight ignore this alarm for the current value or for the current connection. The choices are dependent on the type of alarm. This is a simplified interface for Do not alarm for certain values.
Alarm Settings Alarm Settings Configure the selected alarm by opening the Alarms dialog.
Find Find Find text in the list of alarms.
Collapse all Collapse All Collapse the tree view of the list of alarms.
Group by Group By Group the alarms according to:
Alarm The name of the alarm.
Connection The name of the connection.
Ungrouped (top 50 only) Show the alarms in order of severity. Limit the display to 50 alarms.
Heatmap As per the heatmap display, order connections based on the comparative number and severity of alarms raised against them.