Spotlight Enterprise is supplied with a time-limited trial key so you can test the product. When the trial key expires Spotlight Enterprise reverts to a preview mode with severely limited access. When you enter a valid license key and site message you are licensed to use Spotlight Enterprise.

A purchased commercial license may be applied to a single Spotlight Diagnostic Server deployment or a federation of Spotlight Diagnostic Server. The license and the procedure for entering the license is the same.

To activate a purchased commercial license

  1. From a Spotlight Client connected to the Spotlight deployment:
  2. Click Help | About.

    About button
  3. Ensure Product Information is to the front.
  4. Click view/change product license.
  5. Click Change this license.
  6. Enter the new License Key and Site Message.

Product authorization errors

Authorization string has expired

If you see this message then the trial authorization for Spotlight Enterprise has expired. If the trial date has not passed, check that the date on your system is set correctly.

Invalid authorization string or site message

If you see this message then the authorization string or the site message has been entered incorrectly.

Make sure that you have entered the authorization string and site message exactly as stated on your Product Authorization sheet or provided by your Quest distributor.

The site message is case sensitive.